Thursday 12 October 2017

Coffee and posters exhibit
  • Moderator: Jacki Davis, MDC Ltd
  • Rapporteurs: A. Zito, C. Vande Weyer, DG Mare
  • Tarmo Tamm, Minister of Rural Affairs, Estonia
  • Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
  • Gesine Meissner, MEP and Chairperson, Intergroup Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas, European Parliament

    10.30 - 11.00   Coffee break and posters exhibit

In this session, we will examine the different ways in which the EMFF is supporting the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy, in particular the objectives of MSY and the landing obligation. We will also consider how the EU has been supporting its Maritime Policy with the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds
  • Moderator: Jacki Davis, MDC Ltd
  • Rapporteurs: R. Nugent, L. Marangoni, DG Mare
  • Veronika Veits, Director DG Mare D, European Commission
  • Rosa Quintana Carballo, Regional Minister for Maritime Affrais of The Xunta De Galicia, Spain
  • Paschal Hayes, Principal Officer, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland
  • Marina Argyrou, Fisheries Director General, Cyprus

    13.00 - 14.00  Lunch

Workshop 1: "Supporting more environmentally sustainable, resource efficient and competitive fisheries"
This workshop will examine the extent to which the EMFF is promoting more environmentally sustainable, resource efficient and competitive fisheries which are more selective, produce less discards, and do less damage to marine ecosystems. It will examine the ways in which the EMFF supports innovation and brings added value that can make the fisheries sector economically viable and resilient to external shocks or to competition from third countries.
  • Moderator: E. Roller, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: G. Van de Walle, Farnet
  • Ralf Döring, Von Thünen Institute, Germany
  • Javier Garat , Chairperson Europêche and Cepesca, Spain
  • Marija Vuckovic, State Secretary for Fisheries, Croatia
  • Vera Coelho, Policy officer, Pew Charitable Trust
Workshop 2: "Enabling the development of sustainable and competitive aquaculture"
This workshop will take a broad look at the enabling factors that foster sustainable and competitive aquaculture in increasingly competitive markets. It will examine the extent to which the EMFF is promoting environmentally sustainable and resource efficient aquaculture and how it makes this industry more competitive and capable of providing EU consumers with healthy and highly nutritional products. It will examine how the Multiannual National Strategic Plans for the promotion of sustainable aquaculture developed in 2014-2015 have helped to shape EMFF supported investments in aquaculture. It will also explore local administrations' role in creating a supportive business environment, and the opportunities to improve cooperation between the microenterprises that constitute the bulk of the sector. Finally, it will look at what is needed to encourage innovative production and marketing approaches in aquaculture.
  • Moderator: F. Nikolian, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: D. Dubolino, DG Mare
  • Javier Ojeda, General secretary, Spanish Aquaculture Producers’ Association, Spain
  • Isabelle Dupont Morral, Head, Fisheries Section, Normandy Region, France
  • Aurelio Zentilin, Manager, Venetian Shellfish Aquaculture Association, Italy
  • Steven Beckers, Chairman, Building Integrated Greenhouses, Belgium
Workshop 3: "Marine innovation and skills"
This workshop will examine the extent to which the EMFF and other ESI Funds have helped to support initiatives in marine innovation and skills. It will also examine what investments are needed in the maritime economy to underpin EU ambitions under the Blue Growth strategy. It will focus on research and innovation platforms, marine knowledge, start-ups and small businesses in emerging sectors and technologies (pilots and demonstrators), as well as industry-education partnerships for skills and career development.
  • Moderator: H. Siemers, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: L. Marangoni, DG Mare
  • Claude Wohrer, General Secretariat of the Sea, France
  • Anne Jacobs-Schleithoff, Head of Division Maritime Industry, Germany
  • Sérgio Leandro, Sub Director Escola superior de turismo e tecnologia do mar
  • Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Manager, Joint Programming Initiative Seas/Oceans
Workshop 4: "To focus or not to focus?"
The EMFF represents a significant departure from previous structural policy instruments for the fisheries and aquaculture sector in that it now provides support to a number of other priorities such as maritime policy, data collection, fisheries control, and compensation measures for the outermost regions. This workshop will examine the following questions in particular: For any future financial support to the CFP and Maritime Policy beyond 2020, should there be a concentration on fewer priorities? Should any future financial support go 'back to basics' and limit its intervention to the fisheries sector or should the EU's ambitions for ocean governance, blue growth and the Maritime Policy be more reflected in its financial support? Is there scope for more synergies with the other ESI Funds by allowing for more critical mass?
  • Moderator: F. Benini, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: R. Nugent, DG Mare
  • Dora Correia, Director DG Mare E, European Commission
  • Agnė Razmislavičiūtė-Palionienė, Director Fisheries Department, Lithuania
  • Elizabeth Freytag-Rigler, Fisheries General Director, Austria
  • Riccardo Rigillo Pemac, Fisheries General Director, Italy

    16.00 - 16.30  Coffee break and posters exhibit

Workshop 5 "The EMFF and local perspectives"
Coastal communities and fisheries areas across the EU are facing significant challenges. These challenges require innovative responses that are both sustainable and inclusive. Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) is a tool that enables local fishing communities to address these challenges by proposing and testing new solutions in a bottom-up approach. This session will examine the different ways in which the EMFF is supporting economic growth and social inclusion in coastal and inland communities depending on fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Moderator: V. Veits, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: G. Van de Walle, FARNET
  • Helle Breindhal, Manager LAG/FLAG Djursland, Denmark
  • Suzanna Rodríguez Carballo, General Director for Fishing Development , Galicia, Spain
  • Anastasios Perimenis, Manager LAG/FLAG Lesvos, Greece
  • Yves Champetier, Local Development Expert, France
Workshop 6: "Strengthening data collection and fisheries control through the EMFF"
This workshop will examine the ways in which the EMFF has helped to foster the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy through the collection and management of data to improve scientific knowledge. It will examine the challenges of funding data collection through shared management within the revised Data Collection Framework. It will also examine how the transition from direct to shared management has contributed to a more effective and more efficient support to the control and enforcement of the Common Fisheries Policy.
  • Moderator: I. Garzon, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: C. Vande Weyer, DG Mare
  • Christoph Stransky, Von Thünen Institute, Germany
  • Marina Petrou , Fisheries General Director, Greece
  • Michael Earle, Fisheries adviser, Greens , European Parliament
  • Clara Ulrich, Chairperson, Scientific Technical & Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)
Workshop 7: "Sea Basin Strategies, from words and processes to projects and results"
This workshop will examine the ways in which the ESI Funds have supported the development and implementation of sea basin strategies. It will focus on coastal regions and island territorial development, thematic regional and cross border cooperation both at technical and political levels, implementation of international commitments and priorities at regional and/or sub-regional levels, capacity building for maritime spatial planning and maritime surveillance, and mainstreaming in EU funds.
  • Moderator: H. Siemers, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: L. Marangoni, DG Mare
  • Ioannis Firbas, Director General, National Coordinator for ESIF, Greece
  • Christophe Clergeau, Regional Councillor, Pays de Loire, France
  • Tiina Perho, Member of the Board, Regional Council of Southwest Finland
  • Conceição Santos, Head of Strategy - Directorate General for Maritime Policy, Portugal
Workshop 8: "When are subsidies harmful?"
Against the background of ongoing discussions in the international spheres in particular in the World Trade Organisation, this workshop will scrutinise the different ways countries subsidise their fishing activity across the world. It will discuss the differentiation between subsidies that contribute to overcapacity and/or to overfishing and subsidies which aim at resource efficiency and at sustainable and competitive fishing, in line with commitments made in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Moderator: E. Roller, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: R. Nugent, DG Mare
  • Rashid Sumaïla, Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Ole Lundberg Larsen, Head of Department, Danish Fishermen Producer Organisation
  • David Vivas Eugui, Policy Officer, UNCTAD
  • Flaminia Tacconi, Policy advisor, Client Earth

    19.00 - 21.00  Evening Reception and Dinner

Friday 13 October 2017

Workshop 9: "Small-scale coastal fisheries and fisheries in the outermost regions"
This workshop will examine the contribution of the EMFF to the specific needs of small operators in marine and inland fisheries. It will outline ways to optimise the use of EMFF provisions by operators from the relevant segments, as well as the particular contribution of CLLD and of advisory services to their support. It will also examine how the EMFF has helped through its compensation regime, to develop and support the fisheries, aquaculture and processing sectors of the outermost regions.
  • Moderator: I. Garzon, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: R. Nugent, DG Mare
  • Timo Halonen, Senior Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
  • Pierre Hebert, Head of Structural Policy Service, France
  • Alex Crowley, Inshore Commercial Fisherman, Ireland
  • Giampaolo Buonfiglio, Chairman, Mediterranean Advisory Council, Italy
Workshop 10: "Financial instruments"
This workshop will examine in what way the EMFF has supported marketing and processing in the fisheries and aquaculture sector through financial instruments. It will also examine the scope for extending the use of financial instruments in the maritime economy in general and if the fisheries and aquaculture sector in particular.
  • Moderator: H. Siemers, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: M. Dobreva, Fi Compass
  • Pierre Erwes, Chairman BioMarine International Clusters Association
  • Eduard Koitmaa, Chief specialist, Market Regulation Bureau, Estonia
  • José Ignacio Pradas Poveda, Deputy director general for Structural Fisheries Policies, Spain
  • Torsten Thiele, Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics, UK
Workshop 11: "The EMFF in support of seafood marketing and processing"
This workshop will examine how the EMFF has contributed to the improvement of the market organisation and to adding value to fisheries and aquaculture products through investments in the processing sector. It will address the specific role played by Producer Organisations through the preparation and implementation of their production and marketing plans and focus on the contribution of the fund to the support to the producing and processing sectors in the move towards more sustainable and economically viable activities.
  • Moderator: F. Nikolian
  • Rapporteur: Vande Weyer
  • Guus Pastoor, Chairperson, Dutch association of Fish Processing Industries, The Netherlands
  • Pierre Carnet, Manager, Brittany Fish Producer Organisation, France
  • Giuseppe Palma, Secretary, Italian Association of Fish Processing Industries
  • Mariana Munteanu, President of the Romanian Fisheries' Organisation
Workshop 12: "Results-orientation in the EMFF 2014-2020: Programme management, Project Selection, Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation"
This workshop will examine the new result-orientation in the EMFF as part of the ESI Funds. It will explore implementation issues such as how to generate successful projects, how to develop and manage the project pipeline, or how to integrate results-orientation into project selection. It will also consider the monitoring, reporting and evaluation requirements for the current period 2014-2020.
  • Moderator: JP. Vercruysse, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: A. Sanopoulos, FAME
  • Marta Rabczynska- Kapcinska, Fisheries General Director, Poland
  • John Walsh, Team leader, DG REGIO-Evaluation
  • Keith Kelleher, EMFF Managing Authority, Ireland
  • Katia Frangoudes, Senior Scientist, University of Western Brittany, France

    10.30 - 11.00  Coffee and poster exhibit

This plenary session will investigate the following questions: With increasing pressure on EU and national budgets, to what extent do the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime Policy require their own financial instrument? Where are the needs for public support? To what extent do the fisheries and maritime sectors have new or existing market failures which require EU public support? To what extent can synergies with other ESI Funds be further exploited?
  • Moderator: Jacki Davis, Meade Davis Communications
  • Rapporteurs : A. Zito, C. Vande Weyer, DG Mare
  • Alain Cadec, MEP, Chairman PECH Committee, European Parliament
  • Jose Luis Gonzalez Serrano, Director General for Fisheries Planning, Spain
  • Pierre Karleskind, Vice-President, Regional Council Brittany, France
  • Monica Verbeek, Executive Director, Seas at Risk, Belgium
  • Moderator: Jacki Davis
  • João Aguiar Machado, Director-General, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (Mare)

    13.00 - 14.00  Buffet Lunch


  • Moderator: V. Veits, DG Mare
  • Rapporteur: E. Georgitsi, DG Mare
  • Alain Cadec, MEP, Chairman PECH Committee, European Parliament
    Supporting the participation of small scale fishermen (SSF) in the decision making process and their involvement in the Advisory Councils (Pilot project MARE/2014/04)
  • Marcin Ruciński, Baltic and North Sea coordinator for Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) Platform. Support measures for Small-Scale Fisheries in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea
  • Benoît Guerin, Consultant
    Setting the scene to reinforce Small-Scale Fisheries in South Western Waters area
  • Simone Serra, UNIMAR research institute
    ARTFISHMED: enhancing participatory role of Mediterranean Small-Scale Fisheries
  • Evelina Doseva, SP CONSULT BG Ltd
    Increasing awareness and Small-Scale Fisheries' role in future policy-making decisions in the Black Sea
  • Nikolaos Anagnopoulos, APC SA
    EastMedFishers – Measures to support Small-Scale Fisheries in the EU Eastern Mediterranean waters
  • Egidijus Narevičius,  Šilutės Žuvininkystes Vietos Veiklos Grupe
    Good practices to develop cooperation between Small-Scale Fisheries in the Baltic Sea
  • Arantza Murillas-Maza, Fundacion AZTI
    Enhancing Small-Scale Fisheries participation in decision making